DRUID Final Day: The short flight home

I’ve arrived back to the Concateno head office in Abingdon. Took off in the sunshine, and landed in the sunshine….how often does that happen in Europe?

 During the flight I took out my notebook to go through the plethora of notes I took over the course of the two day conference. Looking over everything again, I think these are the main things I took away:

  • Cost benefit analysis shows that countries with an existing low level of drug driving enforcement would benefit financially from introducing, or increasing their drug driving enforcement.
  • Big focus on THC (cannabis) over the conference. This was un-surprisingly the 2nd most detected drug (after alcohol) in drivers.
  • There was a feeling that solving THC issues associated with oral fluid testing would represent a significant step forward to support traffic police.
  • Apart from THC, all other drugs perhaps seemed less of a problem in Europe than anticipated by experts. That’s not to say that they aren’t a problem, but the results were lower than predicted.

 Now that the conference has been over for a day, it’s given me a chance to have a think about where things we can go from here:

  • An update on figures and statistics to the present day, as the majority of data was three to four years old.
  • There needs to be something like the DRUID project or maybe something a bit smaller for legal highs. Legal highs are surging through Europe, yet they were barely discussed at the conference.
  • Much of the data for DRUID was three to four years old. The size of the study made this inevitable but one wonders how it would conform with present day drug driving activity.

And finally, there is still a lot of dis-harmony amongst European nations about how to enforce drug use. This has to change if there is going to be positive outcomes from the DRUID project. This project was incredibly useful, and nothing had been done like it before. But there is still a long route to safer roads across the whole of Europe.

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