2011 joint meeting of Forensic Toxicologists

This year’s joint TIAFT-SOFT meeting certainly had a very impressive and diverse subject content.  Many biological matrices were included from hair, saliva, urine and blood to reviewing well-established, older techniques to the very modern, cutting edge new advances in forensic toxicology. The calibre of speakers was impressive and the variety of posters was superb.

With the very comprehensive and informative workshops combined with the number of seminars available there surely was something there for everyone. The vast knowledge and experience present was phenomenal with approximately 1500 delegates attending. The whole program from day through to night was very well orchestrated.

This conference was one that should definitely not have been missed, and I am sure we were not missed in the beautiful city of San Francisco walking around in our brightly, multicoloured, tie-dye conference tops. An unforgettable experience in more ways than one.

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