Hair Detox Products: Do they really work?

Detox Products

If you type ‘pass my drug test’ into a search engine, it doesn’t take very long before you find a whole load of products for sale that claim to remove ‘toxins’ from your hair. At about £30-a-go these products are supposed to leave no trace of drugs or their metabolites in your hair, ensuring that you pass a drugs test. However, do these products actually work?

One of our Toxicologists, Sarah Dore decided to investigate and tested the effectiveness of Spectrum Lab Get Clean, Folli-Kleen Intense Hair Cleanser and Zydot Ultra Clean Internal Hair Purifier.

To test the products she selected a range of hair samples that had tested positive for at least one of the following drugs:

Each hair sample was split into two portions, with the first being left untreated whilst the second was washed with one of the products following the product instructions. After being allowed to dry, the hair samples were tested using our standard laboratory procedures, so we could see if the treated section tested negative whilst the untreated section tested positive. Each product was tested on over 30 samples for each of the drug groups.

The results showed that the hair detox products didn’t interfere with the lab sample preparation processes or the screening and confirmation tests. The drugs detected in the untreated portion were also detected in the treated portion, with no significant difference in the amount of drug detected between the two.

So do hair detox products work? No, not really!

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