What is the Technical Information Group?

Technical Information GroupWe recognise the need for our customers to be provided with specific, accurate and tailored information to answer queries. To this end we launched a unique function, the Technical Information Group to act as a centre of expertise and information exchange. This hub was designed to assist customers and to collate, create and distribute information to our internal teams. The Technical Information Group is comprised of individuals who have significant experience in drugs of abuse and DNA testing through a variety of technical backgrounds.

The Technical Information Group has provided a solid base of knowledge and technical information that not only customers, but also our Customer Service, Product Support and Account Management teams can turn to for support. The Technical Information Group also organises and delivers internal training sessions and workshops to increase the knowledge, skills and understanding across the business.

Some of the materials produced by the Technical Information Group that you may already be familiar with are:

  • Drug Monographs (The background, effects, metabolism and testing for the drug)
  • Technical Bulletins (Explanation of the technical aspects of drug testing)
  • Frequently Asked Questions (About drug testing)

Our aim has been to provide an efficient way of dealing with your queries and improve your overall experience with us. We welcome suggestions for new content so please get in touch and give us your ideas.

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