Dealing with Stress in Winter

Dealing with Stress

Christmas can be a mass of social interactions with family or relatives, some of whom you may rather not see! The family is stuck in the house, the kids are overexcited, there’s the tree to decorate, presents to buy and wrap, and food to cook…. The Christmas period can provoke a range of feelings, including:

  • Stress
  • Fatigue
  • Unrealistic expectations
  • Financial stress
  • The inability to be with one’s family and friends
  • Reminders of loss and bereavement

And it’s not just at Christmas – the New Year can be difficult for some to deal with – this can be the result of built-up expectations and disappointments from the previous year, coupled with stress and fatigue. Statistics also show that January is the busiest month for divorce lawyers.1

Help for employees

Our Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is designed to support employees and keep them happy, healthy, and focused.

The traditional EAP approach focuses solely on reacting to the needs of employees whose performance is significantly affected by behavioural problems, emotional distress and poor coping skills. We focus on a more positive, preventative programme of information, advice, training and other professional services that also supports the majority of employees who suffer from mild stress, anxiety or distraction caused by the challenges of daily life.

By providing support to meet the needs of all employees, it allows us to identify potential issues at the earliest opportunity, before they have an impact on performance and a long-term effect on the individual.

Promote well-being; reduce costs

A healthy workforce is a productive workforce.

The total number of cases of stress, depression or anxiety in the last 12 months is estimated to be around 440,000. These conditions accounted for 9.9 million days lost due to work related ill health, with an average of 23 days lost per case.2

Introducing an EAP gives your employees a route to cope with personal issues that can have a negative impact on their job performance.

Find out more about our EAP scheme by contacting us on 01235 443 297.

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2 HSE Health and Safety Statistics, Annual Report for Great Britain, 2014/15

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