Keeping Your Drivers Safe in Winter

Keeping your drivers safe in winter

There are many factors that make driving in winter challenging. Driving in the dark, adverse weather, fatigue, the effects of alcohol and driver distractions like mobile phones all increase the risk of an accident. If you also consider the added challenges of driving as part of a job, ensuring the safety of your employees who drive can be particularly difficult.

As we enter the Christmas party season, the driving risks associated with alcohol use increase. Most critical is the risk of individuals driving immediately after a drinking session. In contrast to this reckless behaviour, many of your employees will have a responsible attitude to drinking and driving and would never dream of driving whilst drunk. What they might not realise is that they could still have significant alcohol levels in their blood the morning after a heavy drinking session.

This could mean that someone driving the morning after a Christmas party could have a blood alcohol level above the drink drive limit, which could result in them being fined, banned from driving or even imprisoned if they cause an accident. There is also an increased risk of accidents if a driver has alcohol in their system below the drink drive limit.

Innovative products

AlcolockWe can provide you with innovative products to help manage the risk of any of your employees driving whilst over the drink drive limit. Using Alcolock® DS®-10 is an effective way of helping you ensure your drivers are safe to drive.

Alcolock® DS®-10 is a combined breathalyser and immobiliser system fitted to a vehicle’s ignition system. It ensures the engine starter circuit can only be activated when a breath alcohol reading below a pre-set level is provided. The system can be fitted to your fleet and grey fleet cars as well as other company vehicles like delivery vans and heavy goods vehicles.

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Strategic Partnerships

VolvoAlere Toxicology is part of Volvo’s Co-Pilot package, which provides a comprehensive suite of tools and information to minimise the legal and commercial risks of driving for business. The Co-Pilot package, which is available to any organisation that include a Volvo car in their business fleet, provides access to technology, risk management tools, advice and training to assist in reducing the risks associate with driving as part of business.

Alongside Alcolock® DS®-10, the technology available in the package includes access to the safety technology built into Volvo cars, apps to ensure safe use of phones whilst driving and dashboard cameras. Additional Co-Pilot partners help you to put effective risk management processes and policies in place as well as providing advice and training for your drivers.

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