Coping with alcohol dependence at Christmas

As we work to support individuals in the Family Court system who have alcohol dependence issues, it’s interesting to read several recent articles about the challenges those with alcohol dependence face at Christmas.

Those with an alcohol dependence report on how their excessive alcohol use is less noticeable amongst friends during the festive period, They also mention that drinking and getting drunk seems to be endemic at Christmas, both in the marketing of alcoholic drinks and the prevalence in television programmes. This makes it much more of a challenge in social situations than at other times of the year.

It is clear from these articles that each individual with a dependence problem is affected in different ways during the festive period. Some report that that there is a general acceptance of those who do not drink during social events, whilst others will not attend due to the difficulties they face.

There is a suggestion that alcoholic drink advertising should be regulated in a similar way to tobacco so that it is not as prevalent and overt at this time of year.

Those who are successfully remaining sober also report on how much more they appreciate Christmas when sober, and can focus more on the important aspects of the holiday period like spending time with family and friends.

Peter Akrill
Senior Toxicologist

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