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Drugs at music festivals

At this time of year our news feeds contain tales of revellers who have become seriously unwell or even died following the use of drugs at music festivals.  The festivals have a number of measures to try and protect the … Continue reading

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Hay fever season – effects of antihistamines on workplace safety

As spring gets into full swing and the grass is growing and the trees are in flower many of us will start to feel the effects of hay fever. A trip to the pharmacist very quickly provides us with the … Continue reading

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Toxicology – a look back in time

British Science Week is a good week to look at the science of Toxicology.  Toxicology is the branch of science that relates to poisons. Many ancient texts were written about plant toxins and the use of poisons, but it wasn’t … Continue reading

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How do Drugs Get into Hair?

Have you ever wondered how we can even test for drugs in hair? Here we explain how this is possible using some simple diagrams. Hair growth explained Hair is produced by follicles that lie below the skin and it takes … Continue reading

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The Dangers of Ketamine for Seafarers

The effects and risks of ketamine to seafarers can be significant, even when taken in low doses, and can pose a dangerous risk to your vessels. Did you know? In some Asian regions ketamine users account for over 30% of … Continue reading

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