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Hair Detox Products: Do they really work?

If you type ‘pass my drug test’ into a search engine, it doesn’t take very long before you find a whole load of products for sale that claim to remove ‘toxins’ from your hair. At about £30-a-go these products are … Continue reading

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Overlooking Spice?

Are you prepared for the new wave of psychoactive substances in the market? Synthetic Cannabinoids originating from clandestine laboratories in China are now being consumed globally and are especially prevalent in Europe, Asia Pacific and in the US. Synthetic drugs … Continue reading

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Drug driving – Queens speech update

On the 9th May, her Majesty the Queen delivered a speech to the UK parliament outlining the government’s plans for the coming year. At the end of my last blog, I said a new law for drug driving could be included in the Queen’s speech and a few weeks ago, the Queen and the coalition government delivered what Lillian Groves’ family have been campaigning so hard for… Continue reading

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UK investment in drug treatment?

With the current economic downturn and corresponding cuts in budgets, many drug treatment services in the UK are under threat. As a response, the National Treatment Agency (NTA) has released interesting figures supporting the argument for continued investment in drug treatment. Continue reading

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Facts on cannabis

Find out more about the drug cannabis including: common names, properties, effects, usage, availability and the testing available. Continue reading

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